Ati Radeon (HD 4330) FGLRX legacy driver on Linux (Mint/Ubuntu)

The video performances of my Aspire 4810T were disappointing… I couldn’t watch a small Youtube video without experiencing lags and overheating… Not even in full screen… WTF?!

So I decided to pass to proprietary drivers, no matter what. This is how:

  • I downloaded the driver (the last version that support this card is the 13.1 Catalyst Legacy Driver)
  • I downgraded the system… Yes, the driver don’t support recent releases (the last supported versions are Mint Maya 13 and Ubuntu Precise 12.04). I opted for Maya.
  • I installed everything manually like well explained here

After this, the graphical interface didn’t work (a bad fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@0:1:1) at boot-up)… This is because there is one more step to do (which is not present in the aforementioned guide):
in the BIOS, the option Switchable graphic needs to be set to Discrete


After that, it worked !


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