Farfisa Matador (611-E) 1973 Organ Repair


A friend of mine bought this vintage keyboard: a Farfisa Matador (Mod. 611-E) coming directly from the ’70s. By the way the seller forgot to mention that, despite being very well conserved on the outside, it produced a strong and unpleasant hiss that made it almost unusable; it sounded like a out-of-tune chord, so the guy said it was just some dirt under the keys. False…

So I had the honour to put my hands inside this beautiful keyboard. I want to share this experience with you posting some photos I made during the troubleshoot process (se serve una traduzione in italiano chiedete nei commenti).

An overview of the Farfisa family can be found at combo-organ.com, luckily the schematics are available as well: Farfisa.org.

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Dancing Pixels: un LCD Hitachi44780 e tempo da perdere

dancing pixels

Era da un po’ che questo LCD comprato alla fiera dell’elettronica per 1€, girava per i cassetti…
oggi è giunto il suo momento di gloria.

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