LED Boost converter (aka “Joule Thief”) analysis

In the past I already tested a nice boost circuit that allows us to power a 3 V LED with a discharged battery (around 1 V or less). This circuit uses just one transistor, one resistor and a small transformer (1:1 ratio) and it is better known, at least on the internet, under the name of “Joule Thief”.

The theory behind this circuit seems to be obscure as we can find lot of comments and questions like: “can I add turns ?”, “can I increase the resistor ?”, “will it work with two batteries ?” and so on…

I decided to figure out the working mechanism of this smart circuit in order to understand the rules behind it and try to improve the efficiency. I’ll carry out a theoretical analysis, supported by some scope screen-shots.

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POV con BS2

ossia come sfruttare la “persistenza della visione” per scrivere qualcosa in aria tramite una Parallax BasicStamp2.

La persistenza della visione (persistence of vision) ci illude che un film non sia composto da fotogrammi.

In base allo stesso principio sono nati dei dispositivi elettronici che permettono di vedere delle lettere, dove in realtà ci sono solo dei LED accesi a veloce (ma non casuale) intermittenza.

Mi sono cimentato nella costruzione di uno di questi aggeggi. Ecco come…

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